How to install NAV Gantt Microsoft Navision Gantt chart

This guide is intended to IT professionals or Dynamics NAV professionals. However, a superuser should be able to perform the installation.

System requirements for NAV Gantt chart.

– Dynamics NAV version must be 2013 or later.
– The installation must be a On-Premises installation.
– Every user must have read access to a shared folder on the Dynamics NAV server, to access the Gantt program.

3 Steps to install.

1) Place Gantt.exe on server.
2) Import Dynamics NAV object
3) Creating a menu in Dynamics NAV

1: Place Gantt.exe on server.

– Do this on every Dynamics NAV Application server.
– Create a folder ‘NavGantt’ in the root of disk C:  C:\NavGantt
– Place the file Gantt.exe and the file Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dkk in the folder.

– Share the folder.- Open the security tab in Properties of the folder, and grant Everyone read access to the file.

Step 2: Install the Dynamics NAV part of the program.
– Open “Dynamics NAV 2017 Development Environment”.
– Select the NAV database, (Files/Database/Open) and connect to the database.
– Press the ‘Report’ button and page down to the reports with ID about
50000. Note the reports IDs in the range 50000 to 50100. (There may and may not be existing reports in the 50000 range.)
– In the menu select ‘File/Import’ – chose a *.fob file with a Report ID that NOT already is installed in Dynamics NAV.
– The 3 fob files are same code but with different Report ID,
import only one.
– Press Yes to install the program.

Step 3: Creating a menu in Dynamics NAV for the Gantt plan.
– In “Dynamics NAV 2017 Development Environment” press MenuSuite button.
– Select 1090 Dept – Company and press “Design“.
– Navigate to Manufacturing / Planning / Item.
– Press button.
– Select Object type = Page, Object ID = Department = Task
– Press OK
– Leave designer and save.

Pro Navision Gantt tips

Multiply Dynamics NAV servers.
If the site is an environment with multiply applications servers, the first part (Placing the Gantt.exe file) must be done on every server.

Gantt.exe location.
You can change the location of the Gantt.exe file, in the C:\NavGantt (Server) folder.
However, I you chose to do so, the NAV program must be slightly changed – edit the source code of the object.

Security (Server)
The read permission for the Gantt folder and Gantt.exe file doesn’t have to be everybody.
The NAV service, and the users must have read access to the file, so read access for the NAV service account, and users will do.