Basics production planning terms in Dynamics NAV.

The manufacturing module contains a capable module for production planning.
The basics thought is to maintain, free/occupied time on several resources, or in NAV term Capacities. The Capacities do often representant persons or machines.  The term for these Capacities is in Dynamics NAV is Machine Centers.  These Machines is grouped into Work Centers. The path to edit these resources in NAV is “<Company>/Departments/Manufacturing/Capacities”

To calculate the time (working days ,Holidays).

To calculate the hour a Machine Centers is free for orders NAV must have some further information.
This is the planed work hours and planed days off for the resources. This information is provided in the Shop Calendars (“<Company>/Departments/Manufacturing/Administration). On this page there is a link to the Working Days, which settles the weekly workhour and Holidays.

To calculate the daily capacity .

With the information from Shop Calendars it is possible to calculate the daily capacity or free hour of a resource.  Every Work Centers is linked to a Shop Calendar.
Remember that the Work Centers, is grouped into Machine Centers. It is important to group production resources in a logical way. That is, in a way resources with same working time profile is grouped in same Center.

Calendar Entries.

NAV is using a table Calendar Entries to keep track on capacity on a Machine (available time pr. day). It is a Manuel process to calculate the available hour pr. day. This is done eg. once a year or when the Working Days or holydays is changed. To manual calculate Calendar Entries use “<Company>/Departments/Manufacturing/Capacities/Machine Centers/”
On machine select Calendar and show matrix. In action menu it is possible to calculate new calendar entries.
It is a common error to forget to maintain Calendar Entries.

Nav consider the following when recalculating available time on a resource.
– Check what Shop Calendars to use – determinate buy what works center the resource is member of.
– Calculate Time of day Working Days.
Check if the date is in Holidays.

Gantt Chart, or Gantt plan.

For most people it is an advantage to view a productions plan as a graphics chart. This is a Gantt Chart. This will provide an overview of planed production orders on available production resources.
Unfortunately, a Gant Chart is not a part of the production module. Instead try use the product on this site. Free Gantt Chart explained.
Download the free Gantt Chart – you might have an it professional help installing it.