Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a user-friendly solution for managing your company. It makes it possible for you to administrate economy and plan production.


Production planning is crucial for any production company, and an effective system for production management and for optimizing and streamlining production is necessary. By managing production you can make sure that the production match the sales. You optimize processes, and you get an overview of the whole production process. The overview of the process is made very clear with the graphic overview provided by NAV Gantt. This tool gives you the perfect graphic overview of the complex processes. So if you would like a tool for visual production planning in Navision NAV Gantt is the perfect solution.


When you use Navision for production planning you keep an overview of storage, goods and capacity so that you will always know which goods and what capacity are available. This is much needed in production companies – to be sure you are not left with too many products in stock, or that you do not have enough products for costumer demands. You can calculate needs in Navision and analyse the outcome, which also makes it possible for you to optimize the use of storage and resources in production.


In Microsoft Dynamics Navision you can manage production two different ways namely by assembly orders and by production orders. Each way gives you different possibilities.


An assembly order is efficient if you need to create and adapt an order fast. It is easy and quick to implement, an assembly order automatically displays component and time use. Based on sold good goods you can calculate the need to buy commodities.


A production order makes it possible to create products with different components and to plan routes by order size and detailed capacity. Besides this, you can differentiate between time used for lining up and times used for operation. Production orders are great for production of complex products with different operations for each component. So one could argue that an assembly order is for the simple production with simple production process whereas a production order is for the complex product with the complex production process.


To sum up Navision is a great tool for planning production – for both simple and complex productions. And with the NAV Gantt chart you get a graphic overview of the productions process.