cannot find the file specified.

A call to System.Diagnostics.Process.Start failed with this message:
The system cannot find the file specified.

The error is caused when the client can’t read the shared Gantt.exe file.

  • Check if the client can access the Gant.exe file using the ‘Explorer’
    ( //<server>/NavGantt/Gantt.exe)
  • The name NAV uses for server name is a full name, including domain name e.g. NAVServer.MyDomain.Loacl, in some cases the DNS do not find a IP for this ‘long name’ (try ping).
  • The client cant reach the share. Maybe the share is blocked by the firewall (VPN? WAN/LAN etc.).
    IN this case, leave a note in the contact form – I might be able to help.
The solution can be to change the source code in NAV. 
Change the line:
"GantProgramFile:='\\'+ ServerInst."Server Computer Name"+'\NavGantt\Gantt.exe';"
To somting like:
The share can be a IP address or a DNS name that recognize the server.