NAV Gantt is a gantt chart interfacing with Dynamics NAV /
365 Business Central.

NAV Gantt is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics Navision. I have made this tool to provide a graphic and simpler overview of the production plan. This is a feature I have been missing in Dynamics for a long time.

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NAV Gantt chart is a simple tool to display a Gantt chart of “Work Centers” and “Machine Centers” in productions plan.

Dynamics NAV is doing a great job with production planning, however I am missing a graphic overview. The NAV Gantt enables the production planner to keep an overview of the current production plan and resource load. It is possible to zoom in the plan, print the plan etc.

The Gantt plan displays date, time and weekdays in your local format.

Functions in NAV Gantt besides buttons, you can:

  • Hold mouse over an operation and get further information about the production and planned operation.
  • Mouse click on an operation displays the route for the production order.
  • Mouse wheel zooms in and out.
  • Hold down right mouse to move plan.

It is not possible to change the plan from NAV Gantt, this is a display only tool. The Chart is intended for planing production capacities (Work Centers and Machine Centers). Job resources and service planning is not supportet.

The plan tool is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics Navision via one simple report object. The implementation does not change any existing tables, code units, reports or pages. This means that NAV Gantt doesn’t affect any future updating of the ERP system. This is normally a concern when adding third party products to Dynamics Nav.